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Mindfull is a website promoting mental health, eating disorder awareness, and wellbeing. It is a safe space where you can vent without judgment. 

Normalize Mental Health and Proper Nutrition

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Our Mission

Our mission is to raise mental health awareness and the importance of wellbeing. Mindfull started out focusing on eating disorders, and their prevalence and dangers. We now see the importance of bringing awareness to all mental illnesses. Mindfull educates people on healthy eating, normalizes eating disorders, challenges the stigma surrounding mental health, and creates a society that is accepting and supportive of all mental distresses.

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At Mindfull, we want to educate people on healthy eating and eating disorders. Eating disorders affect at least 9% of the world population, roughly 28.8 million Americans. And, no, it does not only affect girls. An estimated 10 million males in America develop an eating disorder. Many people are not aware of this, and Mindfull is here to change that.

We are here to share tips, research, and ways to support a mental illness or someone who has one. Mindfull is a website that welcomes all people from all backgrounds. 

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Change the Norm

Although communities online and offline promoting mental health and well-being exist, it sadly fails to be part of mainstream media. The message surrounding nutrition and mental health is still biased and unhealthy for many viewers. Unhealthy diet tips, faux weight loss methods, and false nutrition information are still major in social media communities.


Mindfull wants to be part of the age of change. Our message must meet a global audience and the media's image of health changes in the near future.

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Mental health, as much as it is prevalent, can be a sensitive topic to bring up. Mindfull is a space of supportive people. We want to build an interactive and loving community of people who will support each other on their unique health journeys.


Please use The Chat page to interact, share your story, and support others. While it is online, that cannot be a barrier to forming meaningful connections and relieving some stress.

Recent Posts

Balanced Diet, Nutrition, and Mental Health

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Meet Isara Moriya

I'm so glad you're here!


I'm Isara, a high school student on her own mental health journey. Explore depths of health and nutrition below the surface of social media. 

"Continuous improvement is better

than delayed perfection"

Mark Twain

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